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Friends of Thor Block Contest
Friend Block- Must be 10 1/2" X 16 1/2 " unfinished and can be oriented either vertically or horizontally.  The theme for the blocks is household pets scales, fur, and feathers all welcome.
Technique- Any technique is welcome as long as it can stand up to repeated washing.  Feel free to add any embellishment as long as they are machine washable.
Entered Blocks- All entered blocks will be sewn into a quilt and donated to the Lamar County Humane Association.
Voting Begins- Contest begins on Friday, July 22nd and voting begins as soon as the first block comes in.  The earlier you get your block in the more chances to get votes.  Deadline for block entry is Monday, August 29
Voting ends- Votes will be counted at end of business on Thursday, September 22, and winner will be announced on the following  Friday.
Prizes- First place block will receive a $30.00 Sew Always gift card and second place will receive a $15.00 gift card.
Who votes- Anyone who enters the store is eligible to vote.
Multiple entries- You are welcome to enter as many blocks as you wish
How to Vote- Each block will be given a number.  Drop your penny vote into the correspondingly numbered container.  The winner will be the block that raised the most money.
Multiple Votes- Yes, you can vote more than once.  Yes, you can vote with more than 1 penny.  If you wish to show major support for a block, vote with folding money!  One dollar equals 100 votes.
Where the voting money goes-  Voting money will be given to the Elk's Sweetheart Fund.
How to Begin- If you need help getting started anyone at Sew Always can lend a hand.  An easy way to get started is to look for a coloring book page in the type of pet you have, many line drawings are available on line.  If your pet is a bit more exotic and no pages show up try using a photo of your pet.  Just print it on paper and use a maker to trace an outline. The next step is to have fun finding the perfect fabric.  Applique is a tried and true technique but don't forget embroidery or any other technique that will stand up to machine washing.

Entry # 1
1st place winner!
Entry #2
2nd Place Winner!
Entry #3
Entry #4
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Entry #6
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Entry #9
Entry #10
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